Monday, June 26, 2006

Maida Biscuits

Priya, another blogger who hosts Sugar and Spices, posted the recipe for Namakparas, the recipe looked soo simple and inviting that I could not wait to try it. Last night I got back home and made a tiny batch of these.
I modified the recipe to suit the ingredients I had. I dint have Nigella seeds and used Ajwain powder and some Jeera (Cumin seeds) instead. And a little extra oil went into the dough making as I failed to balance the oil can ;-), this changed the texture of the biscuits a bit. They were a bit crumbly, but the taste was good. Lots of room for improvement though :-)

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Priya said...

I'am glad u tried Namakparas. Next time try with nigella seeds, believe me its very tasty.

And btw i have tagged u for a MEME, reply whenever possible.

Will do, my next grocery list will have Nigella seeds, I've never used them until now.
And Thank u loads for giving me my first MEME. Will reply soon. :-)

Dilip Seshadri said...

I want to eat some!!!!
I am sure they would have been great!!

They sure were great, if u arent lucky with this batch, I'll make sure the next one gets to u :-)

Vaishali said...

Hi Priya,
Best wishes for your new blog! Have fun!

Thank you Vaishali, ! I am having a lot of fun blogging...glad u dropped by, its so nice to see comments from bloggers whose blogs I follow :-)

Vineela said...

Hi Priya,
welcome to food blogging.
I think you are 3rd priya of the food blogging.
Nice name for your blog and i do make this with wheat flour which we can convert into sweet and salty .Hope to see more recipes from you.

The Priya's are going to rule the blog word soon...hehe :)
This only name stuck on my mind for the blog :). My mom also makes the sweet and savory version of these biscuits..but I am not sure of the flour she uses. Will get her to clarify it. And I did try the sweet version by dropping the hot biscuits in powdered sugar :)

RP said...

Wow! I wish I could reach out and grab some........

I wish there were a way I could let u do that ;-) , but they are damn easy to make, I made 3 small batches from scratch in abt 30mins. So do try them out :-)

Krithika said...

The biscuits do look good.

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