Monday, July 17, 2006


Dear Foodies,

Something I thought you should know,
"Millions of domestic internet users could not access some of the world’s most popular blogs like, and, as the government ordered a blackout of around 18 sites for publishing content that was ‘anti-national’ and ‘against public interest’."

Another article

List of Sites Blocked :


No wonder Nandita of Saffron Trail had trouble viewing her blog while doing the round up for her event I guess !!

Blogs have been a victim of misuse for quite sometime now. They being a new concept the legalities connected with them are yet to be formulated. Until then such incidents might keep occuring and temporary fixes
like the one taken by our government to curb such acts might not always be a welcome wave.

Read on :

Few more...

But though the ISP's were unsuccessful in creating filters to block the specific blogs/sites, the techies have come up with alternatives to circumvent the problem already..!! hahaha

4 thoughts:

Sumitha said...

I too read about this just yesterday,its so sad.

Vineela said...

Hi Priya,
I read about this and i felt dissappointed .Thanks for giving the links .

Nandita said...

Yeah, we have been fighting this in our own way- seems so regressive , check out my post on my other blog

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