Friday, February 02, 2007

....shud I or shud I not ??

Dear Foodies,

I got bit by the 'revamp-your-template' bug that has been infecting quite a lot of people in the blogosphere these days !! I have been living with the thought for quite sometime now and finally I decided to actually spend some time and make a few changes. I wasn't brave enough to make changes to the main blog already and so started experimenting on the blog I created for such adventures long long ago !! :-)

Here it is :

Let me know if you like the look or if you have any other color/font/style suggestions. I would really appreciate some feedback :-)

Thank you

*photo courtesy : here

3 thoughts:

Coffee said...

Looks Clean and green!!!!! :) Nice fresh change..... but I like your current one also :) I am biased towards white so can't say much ;)

And you are right about COFFEE ;)

Aruna said...


I like ur current one better than the new one.... I think you should keep the existing.


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful and colorful. You sure have a good taste shows in your recipes too.

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