Sunday, March 04, 2007

Join hands...

Dear Foodies,

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All of you out there who follow Indian (food) blogs might already be aware of the ongoing protest against Yahoo,Inc's content theft on its Malayalam portal, from this blog. InjiPennu of Ginger and Mango has spearheaded the protest along with many other bloggers. You can read about the March 5th event here.

More information on these blogs:
Ginger and Mango
Copyright Violations

A lot has been said about plagiarism and the lack of rules in place to curb such incidents. Join hands to voice your opinion.

3 thoughts:

Inji Pennu said...

thanks da!:)

Priya said...

The Thank you's are all for you Inji !!
It was time all food bloggers got together and spoke about the misuse of our content and you have made that happen. We are all here to support each other. Hope to see light at the end of this dark tunnel through your efforts :-)

Deepthi said...

trd this.the result was good but i did not add enough water to rice...will try and master it very soon...luv

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