Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chocolate cravings...

Dear Foodies,

Ever had the sudden chocolate cravings...and had no way of getting yourself a delicious, lip smacking Cadbury Fruit n Nut bar, matter how huge a fan of dark chocolate I am, I still love my Cadbury, kya swad hai....zindagii main :D So well, I was stuck at home and wanted something sweet and chocolatey. I went and ravaged through the fridge and saw a lil bag of milk chocolate chips, I also had some whole wheat bread and raisins....the taste buds got to work and out came these delicious ideas !! I am sure all of you are going to love them. They are soooo easy to make, extremely elegant to look at and I can assure you the taste is out of the world :)

The first one is called ..hmm...Chocolate and raisin kissed bread !! This is how you do it:
Get your broiler ON, put tiny specks of butter on your bread and set it on a baking sheet. Send it into the broiler for a few seconds, bring it out and spread the butter,drizzle some honey and send it back in to toast. That should be another 30secs to a minute( a little longer and you will have charcoal !!) Bring it back out and sprinkle a few chocolate chips and raisins and send them back into the broiler one last time for about 30secs so the chips melt a little and the raisins plump up.
What you will have now is a decadent, if I might say so, piece of bread to enjoy. Honey and whole wheat bread go sooo well together and warm chocolate chips and raisins are just great !!

The second one gets bettaahh..,this one can be called Orangey chocolate topped with almonds...yup, this time I also had some cute little tangerines and so used a little of the peel to flavor chocolate. Now, all you guys know how well orange and chocolate go together right. If not, try it !
This is how this one is done:
Toast the slices of bread until slightly crunchy. In a bowl, take a few chocolate chips, a drizzle of honey, a few drops of milk and chopped orange peel. Microwave it for about 30secs and stir to get a thick little ooey gooey goodness :D, the honey will give it a toffee like, non-sticky property. On another plate take a few almonds and zap them in the microwave for abt 30 seconds to toast them. They will turn a slight golden color but the transition to black won't take too long. So keep a careful watch. When cool, chop them up.Now cut finger length pieces of bread and smear a little (or a lot) of the chocolate and top with chopped almonds.

I just loved both these and I am sure any who tries it will love it too :) I would strongly recommend Whole wheat bread instead of white bread and honey over sugar. So go ahead and indulge yourself with a bite of either one. These can surely be turned into really good party food too, so get creative !

19 thoughts:

bhags said...

have u ever given a thought to start ur own chocolate goodies brand......:) , way to go gal

Saju said...

wow, you are my kind of girl, when the craving hits you, ideas will flow!

Suganya said...

I never come w/o cadbury's fruit & nut bar and Double decker when I visit World Market. Love yr creations. I think candied peels will be a good addition too..

madhuli said...

Can I order some???Your photos are making me crave for chocolates now!mouthwatering...thanks

Vcuisine said...

The photos are tempting to grab. Very nice. Viji

TBC said...

That is very creative.Loved the orange chocolate.Great ideas!

Foodie said...

You made me so nostalgic about the Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bar. You still remember me? The girl from Cleveland, OH. I loved your both the recipes. Good for my little ones and ofcourse the Mommy!

Laavanya said...

I love the Cadbury's Fruit & Nut bar too.. Both these recipes look super quick and very tempting!

Sharmi said...

hmmm yummy yum!! that looks so scrumptious and tempting. it is a nice idea with the bread, my son will really love them. thanks for the great one.

bee said...

these are soooo naughty!! and nice!!

Hima said...

Lovely idea, something different from the routine boring bread sandwich. I eat almost daily the whole wheat diet bread and this will satisfy my sweet tooth craving.

ushaprashanth said...

I too remember that ad! i love that ad! and this is really very nice recipe! children will love it!!!

Nabeela said...

Chocolate cravings bring out the creativity in us ;)

Priya said...

Thank you all soo much. I was ssure you guys would love these...gals and chocolate...its love all the way :))

Bhags, I havent thought about starting one, but I hope to marry someone who own one ;)

So true Saju :)

Double Decker (??) Haven't tried that one Suganya, will rectify the error ASAP :D

Madhuli, I wish I could send you some, but none seem to last that long :D Do try some :)

Viji, go ahead, treat yourself :P

You must give the orange flavored chocolate a try TBC, its really great.

Definitely good for the mommy Pintoo :P I have a few of your recipes bookmarked :)

Do try them Laavanya, and Fruit n Nut is always the Best

These are a wonderful treat to make in jiffy Sharmi, and save some for yourself too :)

I just had to have something chocolate'y and plain choco chips wouldn't do the job Bee :D

This recipe does elevate the plain bread to a whole new level Hima and quick them to make too.

That ad is still one of the best ever made Usha..ava dance vera super aa eduthirukan

Cravings make you do weird things Nabeela and it sure is fun :D

Anupama said...

The idea of Chocolate Raisin bread sounds yum. In a recent survey on UKTV Food Chocolate came up tops as the favoured comfort food. Not surprising is it?
BTW I am hosting my first event on my blog . Do come over and take a look.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is so so....chocolateeeeee

Savithri said...

yum, it looks like biscotti!!

Jaya said...

Wow Priya.. Looks awesome! Wish I were with u to sample it (wont forget the Tiramisu u gave me :) ) Incidentally in another post, I read about Trader Joe's. Are u in the west coast now?

Travis Smith said...

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