Thursday, November 29, 2007

Craving... for Potato Bread !

Dear Foodies,

Take a bite..
I am sure none on you missed all that talk of potato bread from the daring bakers this week. It just got me badly craving for some of it !! The only words that stuck on my mind from their posts were soft & moist. I could already taste the bread and imagined myself digging my teeth into one. How much I hate food bloggers for doing this to me :(( Their posts did not dare me to make my own but surely tempted me to pick up a few potato bread buns in the grocery store, not a potential daring baker there eh ! The bread aisle was next to the antipasti section and I bought a couple of different varieties of cured olives - hot olives, stuffed with sun dried tomatoes. I also added a spoonful of roasted garlic cloves to my container. Some fresh corn on the cob and my dinner was made :)

How it all fell in place :
  • The first thing I did when I got home was to set the oven on Hi-Broil. I shaved the corn off the cob and tossed it with some toasted sesame oil and olive oil. Seasoned it with some salt and pepper. As an afterthought I threw in some cubed green peppers/capsicum. I broiled these in the oven for about 15 -20 mins, mixing them once in between.
  • In the meantime I chopped up a handful of olives, picking a few from each variety I had. I also chopped up a few cloves of the roasted garlic.
  • I also attempted a vinaigrette by mixing 1/2 tsp - Dijon mustard, 1/2 tbsp - Olive oil and a few splashes of the sesame oil.
  • Once the corn and peppers had a nice char on them I added them to the bowl of vinaigrette and along with the chopped olives and garlic.
  • I sliced the potato buns in half and charred them in the broiler too. This happens really really quick. I almost burnt them !
  • Spoon some of your corn & olive salad into t he buns and Enjoy 1
The olives are salty, so taste before you season it with more salt. I was close to adding some dried herbs but the corn was so nice and crunchy that I did not want to overpower it with other flavors. The corn was crunchy and crisp, the olives salty and delicious. The buns were extremely good, they were so soft & I absolutely loved the whole sandwich. One kind of the olives I got were called hot or spiced olives, but I did not like the chilli powder used to stuff them. I will avoid them the next time.

I cooked some cous-cous and mixed it with the corn & olive salad for my lunch the next day. The cous-cous soaked up all the flavors of the salad by lunch time and it was a wonderfully light and yummy meal.

Ashwini's Gobi Kheema
In between all this bread menace, I spotted Ashwini's Gobi Kheema. That bowl has been haunting me ever since, I just had to try it. I could not find a small head of cauliflower in the store but since I could not wait I got home a huge one. I used half of it last night to make her dish and also made her tomato gravy. Both were superb ! I was in no mood of making the chapati's I intended to make and so, I toasted up some of the yummy potato bread, squeezed some lime over it pav-bhaji style and sat down to eat one of my best dinners ! You guys MUST try her recipe. I have some of the kheema left and I can't wait to get back home for a replay of the dinner :)

Ashwini, a huge thanks to you for the recipe. It is awesome and I am surely going to make it often, especially when I have friends visiting. I cannot let them miss this one ! The tomato gravy is a keeper too. I wanted to make her garam masala too for this dish, but I was too impatient to taste the final product and so used the MDH garam masala I have.

On another note, I tried Nabeela's Spicy tomato soup and Chickpea stew. Both were excellent heart warmers ! I loved them as a purrfect winter night, light meal and along with a few slices of toast wrapped in foil, I enjoyed them for lunch too. Thank you Nabeela :)

Now for a super quick dessert for you guys. Some cubed pears and mango dressed with honey and gulkhand, served chilled :)

Happy Cooking !!

16 thoughts:

bee said...

you've been cooking a lot. try the bread. it's very easy to make. you can convert into pizza dough too.

Priya said...

I have been wanting to try making pizza's at home since the time I saw your pizza recipes Bee. Everyone suggests to get it from your 'local pizza place'.But I am not sure what 'local' store is ?? I haven't tried my own with the fear that it might rise in the ice cold weather I have here. The same reason why I bought the potato bread instead of making my own.

I have been making something every night since I need to pack my lunch box. I come home, freshen up, make a cup of coffee and get started on dinner. I don't like food that is refrigerated so I make small qtys that last for 2 meals. This also allows me to experiment to my heart's content :D

Padmaja said...

hey those recipes look amazing!!I know those daring bakers are making us all crave for potato bread now!!!

Ashwini said... glad you liked the kheema. And about the tomato gravy - told ya :-)
I cook it often for parties/ potlucks and its always a hit. Good standby instead of paneer and kurma.

Suganya said...

You rock Priya. Potato bread is very tempting. But I am too scared for a commitment every month. Looks like I have to buy few potato rolls too.

Rajitha said...

priya..good goin :) is fun to experiment and i agree with u is hard not to make yummy food and get hungry..esp. when i look at food blogs everyday then at night it is fat network..oops i mean ;)...and priya..honestly, bread is very is just a lil long..but is so easy that once u make it..u will think why din't i do this before :)

Happy cook said...

U have been busy cooking.
Love the filling of the potato bread

Priya said...

Padmaja: All these past months the daring bakers made things that I was sure were out of bounds for me...but this bread was really enticing to pass up :)

Ashwini: This is wayy better than any paneer option. I can't wait to have dinner ...hehe today its Garam masala time :)

Suganya: I dislike using eggs and that kinda automatically gets me out of that group and yaa...all they projects seems really huge for me to be able to do. Do try this bread Suganya. If the store bought was so good I cannot imagine how good the home made ones are.

Rajitha: I imposed a self rule to not look at food blogs before lunch. As it is I feel hungry and these blogs really make you suffer :D I did bake bread earlier in the year and you are right, It makes you wonder why the bread industry is soo huge, when making it at home is sooo damn simple. Ditto with ice cream. The reason I did not try it now is its freezing for us here and I was afraid my dough won't rise well.

HC: I have been busy enjoying myself :) Do get yourself a loaf of that bread HC. It was really good.

sunita said...

Priya, glad that we lot have been able to seduce you towards this lovely bread...give it a'll get the hang of it...your fillings look delicious...

Rajitha said...

priya..the dough does rise..just keep it in a corner of ur appt..that does not receive any draft and is pretty warm :) i think the kitchen would be the best bet..a corner perhaps....

musical said...

Potato bread, now you are giving me ideas :). i am already eyeing Sunita's lovely recipe. Hey, you should also check out Anita's potato bread, it works really well. Love that picture of gobhi keema, yummy! Have to try this whole combination you suggested-too tempting, yaar :).

Priya said...

Sunita: You guys have done an awesome job ! I am definitely going to try baking this one soon, more so after having tasted it.

Rajitha: Thank you for the encouragement and tips. I'll try it next week and see if it works.

Musical: Lets strike a deal and try it out together :) I loved Anita's bagel recipe too..hmm..I guess its time to get covered in flour.I am already planning a whole bunch of cookies for Christmas. Watching Food TV isn't helping either :) Aur haan, I got a couple of sweet potatoes just for your Thai stew :)

Red Chillies said...

Wow Priya, you have been cooking a lot! You tempt me to try my hand at baking as well. I still have your pita pockets recipe in my head and you come up with so mnay more delicacies. Not fair :-)

Meeta said...

Priya - give the bread a go. It's quite straight forward and easy to make. You'll never want to buy a store bought potato bread again LOL! The meal looks great! Hugs!

Namratha said...

What a meal Priya...awesome! :)

Mythreyee said...

the dessert is awesome. sure to try out one day. thanks.

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