Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th...

Dear Foodies,

Rebel04 041

Have a fun and safe weekend !

5 thoughts:

sunita said...

Priya, you enjoy your weekend too :-)

thetastetinkerer said...
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thetastetinkerer said...

Hi Priya

Hope you're enjoying your weekend too- thanks for visiting my site..for some reason, my emails to you keep bouncing ;-)


srinivasan said...

I was searching for Kandipappu Chutney and Menthula Pulusu in google and i landed up in your blog. Quit an amazing blog. I haven't seen any food related blogs or sites. The photographs are really amazing. I am feeling hungry. Keep up the good work

Priya said...

TTT, can't think of a reason why my inbox refuses your email. :( its

Thank you for your kind words Srinivasan. You choose a super combo for your meal. Did you try the recipes then ?

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