Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hoarding ?!

Dear foodies,

I am storing for the winter, like the ant, some blackberries and raspberries....

and a few weekday helpers, single portion servings of toor dal, a pack of curry leaves, chopped cluster beans (gorchikudukaya) and tindora (dondakaya). I also have some tomato chutney and chapati's that I wrap in foil (single serving count).

How do you prep your veggies, any time-saving shortcuts that save you time during the rush hours ?

5 thoughts:

Manisha said...

Best time saver and shortcut: pick up phone and order Hot & Sour soup, Mongolian chicken and Veggie Delight from the local Szechuan take-out place.

Divya Vikram said...

I always have some boiled potatoes in my fridge..Easy to make a vegetable dish when you are out of other veggies or in a hurry.

Srivalli said...

now thats what I call diligence!

Mythili said...

Priya -
I freeze the following:
1. A tomato and onion sauce to use with peppers, potatoes and sometimes pasta.
2. All summer berries (like you did)
3. Green chillies, curry leaves, coriander, chard and spinach (chopped) - this i do only when there are left over vegetables.

It was interesting to find that you freeze toor dal too? Do you add any preservative?

Priya said...

Manisha, thats Plan A, we are looking for Paln B helpers :D But I have stopped eating at local Chinese places cos I am never sure if its really vegetarian :(

Divya, I rarely use potatoes :( When we had come here, everytime we made potatoes, which was not frequent at all, my father would chide me saying I eat nothing else but potatoes, so I totally stopped buying them :))

Srivalli, this is being lazy :D

Mythili, ya, the tomato sauce is a nice savior. I made that once but then again lost patience to do it again :) Never tried the greens, will do that next time. And for the dal, I don't use any preservatives, just cooked dal at room temp transferred to ziploc bags. Haven't had a problem until now, have frozen it for more than 2-3 weeks. They just get rock hard and when thawed are just as good as fresh.

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