Friday, February 13, 2009


Dear foodies,

Meet my newest friend - Gund(U), clutching sweet treats for me.

Isn't he adorable!
From my most dearest Valentine in the whole wide world, my brother, the real gift.
Love you!

Happy Valentines Day! Hope all you have a fun & laughter filled day with your loved ones, Enjoy!

6 thoughts:

Sonu said...

Happy Valentine Day!!!:)'s so cute...very nice gift. but..aah...I thought it was from ur ..... one. :( U disappointed me. ;)

Jari said...

sooooooo soooooooo cuteeeeeee:):)

Soma said...

So sweeeeete... love the nose.. wait till my girls see this:-)

Anonymous said...

lovely u do have a nice brother
what did he get!

Vaishali said...

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, Priya. That teddy bear's just adorable.

veggie belly said...

Very cute! Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

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