Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Frames | Weekend Getaway

Dear Foodies,

last weekend began with me being stuck in a plane, as usual! This time it was due to a sudden afternoon thunderstorm in Denver, CO. But atleast I got to see a few rainbows, there was also a double rainbow after this...
and then the whole family transformed into Mizzou Tigers supporters to kick off the college football season.
My brother went to school here and the gorgeous campus always leaves me wanting to stay back.
by evening the temperatures had cooled down and it was time for barbeque
We decided to keep it all vegetarian - burgers with grilled veggie patties, grilled marinated veggies, corn (bestseller!) and zucchini. Dessert was grilled pineapple slices. And we also had a scrumptious bean & corn dip with chips. All I did was photograph and eat everything :)

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Manisha said...

Too bad you were stuck in a plane at DIA. It was wonderfully cool last weekend, a lovely respite from the 90+ temps. Fall is here!

Loved your bbq esp the bhutta!

Priya said...

Manisha, we were set to pull back and leave, but the storm moved in sooner than expected so we had to sit it out. It was frustrating to be stuck in the plane but the rainbows in the end made it all good :) Fall is definitely here, we hardly met summer though :D

The bhutta was the bestseller, we had to send someone to get more from the store mid-way because they vanished immediately.

Kalyan said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Priya
could u put up the recipes of ur vegan patties as i a vegetarian and would love to try this out... the photos look lovely .. spcially the rainbow one wish u could have capturd the double rainbow too... i have seen on myself and its an awesome sight
thanks so much for all your lovely recipes look the south indian one that u post having aquired the taste after living there for 7 yrs after marriage

Priya said...

Thank you Kalyan!

Anon, I have two recipes so far on the blog, here and here. More coming up soon :)
I tried hard to get the double rainbow but being stuck to my seat on the airplane did not help any :( It was absolutely wonderful watching the clouds part and the rainbows forming :) Thank you for dropping by and I'm glad you found my recipes helpful.

Shoba Shrinivasan said...

Hi Priya,

Wonderful pics. Lovely that you enjoyed the match at MO...I lve in st.Louis so it would be wonderful to see you here!!!


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