Friday, December 09, 2011

It's time to bake!

Dear Foodies,

Its that time of the year again where the kitchen fills up with the aroma of chocolate and vanilla and the warmth of the oven heats up our home...What are you baking this season ?
What would I do without chocolate!
Since tis' the time for special gifts I bought fresh vanilla beans to add extra pizzazz to the goodies...I'm excited to use them! :)
the smell of vanilla is intoxicating!
I've been making big batches of chocolate truffles, fruitcake cookies and ofcourse fruit cake over the last few years and it has become a tradition now. The dried fruits are happily getting drunk (macerating in red wine!) as we speak ... :)
 All the shopping is done and I'm all set to get started on the baking this weekend. I plan to make multiple batches of cookies based on my fruitcake cookie recipe, cranberry-pistachio biscotti, a dense fruit cake, chocolate truffles and the all time favorite world peace cookies! I've been meaning to make linzer cookies for a long time now and they will be the new addition to the goodies bag this year. The recipes and stories of my experiments will all be coming up over the next few weeks.

all set for a baking marathon

11 thoughts:

Pavithra said...

Valrhona, vanilla, liners, baking pans.. sure ur in baking mood... waiting to see all ur goodies Priya.. All ur collections here are my favorites too :)

Priya said...

Pavithra, I'm excited to get started. This is the one time in the year that I can justify buying all the expensive stuff :) What have you planned ?

Manisha Pandit said...

What are you baking, girlie?

Priya said...

Manisha, baking cookies and making fruit cake :)

Cooks said...

yumm... good luck with your baking. I'm planning to bake cookies and biscotti. I made fruit cake last year, you have inspired me to make another one this year. Enjoy your weekend.

Nisha S. said...

love your measuring spoons! <3

Priya said...

Cooks, is there a recipe you like for fruit cake? I keep trying out new recipes each year and still haven't found a favorite. This time its going to be Alton Brown's free range fruitcake.

Nisha, thank you :) Found the white one's in World Market and the flowered spoons were a gift from a friend. I've seen them at Anthropologie.

Hari Chandana said...

Beautiful pictures :)
Indian Cuisine

Sonia@7spice said...

yaar...only prep work pics here are tempting. I can imagine how your end result would be. :) Yaar, your all props are always eye-candy. :D

Soma said...

PRIYAAAAAAAAAAAA I need to know where u got those stunning baking cups??! (also the cute spoons). myself needs some now.

PS: I have bookmarked ur fruit cookies since u posted them:) missed it this year too :( but it does not have to be holidays to make those.

Priya said...

Soma, got the paper loaf pans at Sur la table, they sell them by individual count from 25-75c ea, the cheapest thing in the whole store methinks :)) Measuring spoons from World market and Anthropologie(gift).

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