Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Frames | Homemade

Dear Foodies,

these perfectly sized jars are waiting to be filled up
Red & Green Thai chillies, garlic, galangal, lemon grass, shallots & lime leaves -
no points for guessing where I'm headed!

8 thoughts:

Athisaya Divya said...

Pickle or vinaigrette!

Anu said...

Thai curry paste?

Sunshine And Smile said...

Pickle!! Am already drooling at the though of it :)

Kanan Patel said...

i think its pickle.!!

anyway you have such a good collection of recipes. I am going to follow you now onward.

Sharmi said...

Is it some thai preserve??!!!

Priya V said...

Pickle does sound good, I need to look for some recipes now! I made lots of thai curry pastes (Red/Green & Massaman)to last a few months. They keep really well in the fridge and I need to hunt down the ingredients just once every 3-4 months. phew!

Anu said...


Please post the recipes for Thai curry pastes (Red/Green & Massaman), and the recipes as well. Love Thai curries!! THANKS!


Anu said...

Never mind, Priya, I browsed your blog and found the recipes for pastes and curries. Ill definitely give it a try!

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