Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Frames | Fruit Royalty

Dear foodies,

Weeks seem to be passing by so quick and it's time for another post for my Friday Frames series. This week features another gorgeous jewel - Jackfruit.

The golden hue makes them look divine
The art of stringing words together to form stories seems to be escaping me these days so I'm taking refuge behind photographs and letting them weave a story of their own.

I find Jackfruit to be mildly sweet and floral almost in its flavor. Its unlike any other fruit I've had. The pulp is fibrous and can be pulled into strips like string cheese, my favorite way to eat them :) I got a quarter piece of the fruit at Ranch 99 last week and have been enjoying the fruit all week. I can't remember the last time I had fresh jackfruit and it brought back many memories. Be cautious when cutting out the fruit pods as they can be tough to scoop out. Rub your palms with some oil to avoid staining from the juice of the fruit and keep it away from your clothes. When I told my mom I had jackfruit she said honey was a traditional accompaniment to fruit. I got through the whole batch before trying that combo so I guess I need to get more next time :)

The road heading out of the office my dad worked at used to be lined with numerous food vendors selling seasonal fruits and snacks throughout the year. I remember eagerly waiting for him to come back home bearing a new snack every week. When Jackfruit was in season he would bring home jackfruit chips along with fresh fruit on his way back from work. All things deep fried are great and that holds good in the case of this fruit as well.  As good as the fruit is on its own, the salty, sweet chips are addictive!

When you are done scooping out the flesh please don't discard the seeds. The seeds are just as good if not better. Rinse and dry them out for a day or two. Once you've hoarded enough dry roast them on a hot cast iron skillet until the outer skin blisters and begins to char. When cool to handle, peel the outer skin, season lightly with salt and enjoy a perfect rainy day snack. The insides of the seed are starchy, mildly sweet and treat that needs to be savored to understand its uniqueness. The closest comparison I can think of is roasted chestnuts. The seeds can also be boiled/roasted and used in stews and curries. But to me the roasted taste is enjoyed best on its own. I'm still collecting seeds and will post a photo of the roasted seeds in a few days.

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mrsfife said...

Found your blog a few days ago. Accha Telugu vantalu choosi mucchatesindi :)

I love jackfruit and the seeds. They make good additions to vankaya kura with allam pacchimirapakaya as well (instead of kura vadiyalu), have you tried that?

Tina said...

All time fav..Lovely and beautiful clicks too..

Anu Menon said...

Priya!!! gorgeous clicks (will i ever get tired of saying that! :)) this is my Mom's favourite fruit, after mangoes that is . And it is available in plenty in Kerala. wen we used to visit family, they used to just call for someone to cut one off straight from the tree and serve :) although i dont like the fruit as much i love jackfruit chips.

chinmayie said...

Jackfruit never looked better! Such beautiful shots of one of my favorite fruits!

Priya V said...

Mrsfife, I'm glad you found your way here :) Panasapandu ginjalu kura lo eppudu vaadaledu. Ee sari thappakunda try chesthanu. Vere recipes kuda unnaya ?

Tina, thank you, the yellow color looked really gorgeous.

Anu, thank you! :) And yep, everything comes after mango. I plan to try making chips with my next batch, fingers crossed.

Chinmayie, thank you for your comment! It reminded me of your jackfruit honey and fritter posts. Surely buying a bigger chunk from the store this time :)

Supriya's Rasoi said...

Priya jack fruit looks so beautiful just love the color!the pics are superb..

mrsfife said...

Offhand I can't think of any except using in the vankaya santarpana kura. Ammani adigi cheptanu. Roast them first in small pieces and then add to the kura.

Do you make charu with the panasa tonalu?

Priya V said...

mrsfife, mee comment chadivaka vankayalu thechukunna kura kosam. Ippudu chaaru kuda try cheyyali. May be I should do a jackfruit themed meal :) Ninna store ki velthe they only had green uncut huge fruit. Waiting to go back in a couple of days to re-stock.

hereslookingatme said...

I love love lovvvvve jackfruit! Your pictures had me salivating! :P

mrsfife said...

Poni panasapottu kura? With the green fruit. Won't they give you smaller pieces?

Some more ideas from Amma: panasa ginjalu udaka betti bajjilu

panasa ginjalu with kobbari koru koora

panasa ginjalu in sambar

udakabetti combine with potato and make a cutlet

Pooja said...

Jackfruit is my fav fruit... the taste of honey just lingers in my tongue even minutes after eating the fruit. my mom used to boil the seeds and use them in avial...

Surya said...


Found this a little late, but thanks a lot. Wonderful pics and great description.

This is one of my favourite fruits (the other is custard apple), but never knew they are at Ranch99.

I'm a newbie trying out my hand at cooking over the last year. When you have some time, can you post a few pasta recipies (may be with an indian twist). Keep blogging!!

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