Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Frames | Summer Colors

Dear Foodies,

Don't you love that yellow ? It's a piece of sunshine you can hold in your palm

Jewel colored radishes, almost too pretty to eat, almost...

With nature doing all the work for us, I only did the assembling. No cooking needed. I got a huge bunch of basil and made pesto with a punch of lemon zest. This platter is my very poor interpretation of a veggie sampler plate I had at Burlap.

ending the meal with some sweet cherries.

5 thoughts:

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely pictures

madteaparty said...

Cherries bring back memories of Srinagar summers . . . Don't get then this good in Delhi.

Priya V said...

Shama, thank you!

Anita, The only cherries I ate in India were the one's on top of a black forest cake :))

I got these for $5/lb at Whole foods and they tasted fantastic. The next day I found some for $1.50/lb at the local store and bought 2lbs only to realize later they were just pretties in a bag, 0 flavor :(

chinmayie said...

Beautiful photos... Love all the vibrant colors.

Joey said...

Beautiful photos. Just yesterday I too bought and clicked my new YELLOW sunshine mug :)

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