Saturday, May 11, 2013

Color Splash - Farmers Market

Dear Foodies,

These are a few photos I took with my phone while walking around the Saturday morning market in Little Italy. This is one of the larger farmer's markets in San Diego county with a great selection of fresh and artisanal products. Just sampling the produce and snacks ends up being my brunch for the day :) I went back home with a bunch of these carrots and roasted them whole with some salt and pepper. Finished it off with squeeze of lemon and enjoyed them over tart sorrel greens and slivered almonds. I was surprised by how substantial the carrots felt and they tasted great. I was tasting sorrel for the first time and liked the tartness in them, they reminded me of some other green, may be chintha chiguru - tamarind leaves.
See the colorful cauliflower in the background ? Stunning, right. I have a recipe with them coming up soon.
Fresh Onions
Rainbow Chard
A multitude of colored beets
Berry nice! and of course there were a lot of fresh strawberries too
Chamomile tea anyone ?

10 thoughts:

VineelaSiva said...

Nice colours and clicks.

Srimathi Mani said...

Wow! Priya, what beautiful clicks. Little Italy Uh! enjoy. I miss SD. I think there is this guy who sells honey at the market. It is supposed to help with allergies.

Sebeena Loyd said...

lovely clicks.

greenyraju said...

wow..these vegetables are looking freshly buying from farmers directly!!!

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indosungod said...

Beautiful and you make me feel jealous with your CA goodness as always.

Aren't sorrel leaves similar to our Gongura?

Priya V said...

Srimathi, you should come visit soon! I bought some of the local honey just a few weeks back, tastes yumm. The oddest thing I saw being sold was gourmet bread crumbs.

Raju,yes, it was hard to pass up such fresh, seasonal produce.

Indo, I expected them to be more like gongura but they look and taste different. The actual leaves look like arugula or dandelion greens with no ridges. I ate them raw in a salad and the flavor was less pungent compared to gongura. It was tender with a mild sour/tangy flavor. It sort of replaced lemon juice in my salad. I'll be going back to get more of it to experiment :)

Swati Sapna said...

This post is just a visual treat! Loved all the colours and could almost feel the freshness of the crisp veggies :)

hereslookingatme said...

Oh wow! These pictures are so lovely! The colors are beautiful!

evolvingtastes said...

Lovely pictures!

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