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Homemade | Rhinestone / Kundan Rangoli

Dear Foodies,

Padmam - Lotus muggu
I'm going to take a detour from cooking on today as I can no longer keep this new craft that my mom and I (...mainly her :) ) have been churning out from all you guys. Last month for a puja at my brother's place we were trying to come up with ideas for setting up the altar and other decorations. Since it was their new home we did not want to risk using traditional muggu (rangoli) colors and staining the floors. When looking for designs online I came across some that were made using kundan stones and that's when this got started.
Peeta muggu (to be placed under a 3" high stool - peeta)
Michael's is our go-to store for craft items and it was no different this time. We found a huge pack of assorted color acrylic rhinestones and with the 40% coupon it was a good buy for a impromptu project. Only drawback was having to sort the beads by color before we got started. But with some glue and plastic printer sheets we got started on our very first one soon.

Since then we've made many's hard to stop and we knew we were spent our afternoons ordering stones on Amazon and our evenings scouring bead stores in the area for the right shape, right shade or the perfectly sized stone :)
another Padmam with a different petal tip design
For the first few muggu's we used Graffix Ink Jet film, but later realized it's a little too thin and flimsy for such a project. We currently have these sheets from Graffix that we ordered online. They are much more sturdier but the only downside is the color. I noticed that the sheet itself had a blue tinge only after opening the package. So if you can find clear sheets of the same thickness, that would be ideal.
Flower pattern - Not the best photo but my favorite so far
Since the sheets are transparent its easy to trace the pattern on a sheet of paper and attach it to the plastic sheet using staples or paper clips. Its best to move a few inches at a time, trace the pattern with glue (we used this) and immediately place the rhinestones. Do use a good amount of glue or the stones will fall out over time when handled...found that the hard way.

We also used pearl and silver bead strings for some of the outlines. My mother figured that the best way to make them fit the pattern is to leave them stringed until they are glued in place. While the glue is still fresh, gently tug at the string and pull it out. You can then make slight adjustments but its a lot easier than gluing beads individually. Once the glue has had time to dry, trim off excess plastic sheet around the pattern. We skipped this step for now and left a lot more space so they are easy to handle and move around.

This our most recent project and the one we are most proud of, I think. We spent many evenings visiting stores and looking online for the right stones for this one but it was definitely worth it. Its still not complete. My mom's done making all the petals (below pic) and we'll have to create the final shape by using some gold string to form an outline.
Materials & Sources
  • Acrylic Rhinestones - Various colors, sizes and shapes
  • Pearl and Silver beads
  • Sources: Michaels Craft store - don't forget to look for coupons; local bead stores/outlet; The Crafts Outlet - Amazon store, eligible for prime shipping;
  • Craft Plastic Sheets - we used these Graffix sheets, but in a clear color if you can find them (and let me know where!)
  • Glue - Aleene's Clear Tacky Glue
  • a pair of tweezers really come handy when you have to move little beads around
petals to go around the above circular center pattern - 8 total
Google stone rangoli and get prepared to be awed. There is soo much great work to be inspired by. I thought I had a brilliant idea when we were trying to find an alternative to traditional color powder rangoli, but looks like its been around forever. This was the first collection that inspired me, here's another that lead to our current project; and another one. The very first muggu is the one that will be at the base of our Varalakshmi vratham kalasam this year.

Did you worked on any craft projects recently ? Please share them here!

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Pavani N said...

Wow.. This is such a cool and colorful rangoli.. I'm totally impressed and inspired with your creativity :-)

Srimathi Mani said...

Hi Stranger, Not seen you blog for a while. The kolams look beautiful. Nice work.

Mints! said...

What a wonderful idea Priya. I love all the designs specially the last two ones, they looks intricate and something that has taken you long time to make.

Thank you for sharing.

safasmiles said...

Wow Priya! I am absolutely in love with the design on the second last pic. So classy.

Asha Kongkham said...

Hi Priya,

The graffix plastic sheet you are using is the one and it is clear plastic. You just need to remove the blue protective film from both the sides of the plastic.

Happy crafting and Happy Rangoli Making :)

Gayathri Vishwanathan said...

Hey Priya,

Thank you for this detailed post. What scissors do you recommend using?

Shravya Reddy said...

nice designs! I love these rangoli designs . In our school days our teachers used to keep rangoli competitions for us during Independence day.

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